Marble Countertops in Ottawa Fuse Beauty and Softness with Durability

For truly unique beauty and softness combined with the durability of natural stone, marble countertops in Ottawa are the perfect choice. Marble is igneous rock, found in a broad spectrum of colours and no two pieces are exactly alike, lending itself to a natural artistry honed to perfection by our master stonecutters at StoneSense. Especially coveted by bakers for their ability to maintain cool temperatures, their smooth surfaces are ideal for working with any form of dough and make the hottest of kitchens feel cool and airy.

Marble Countertops Offer Timeless Appeal with a Little Care

Slightly more porous than granite countertops, countertops made of marble require a little extra care to maintain their natural beauty. When you select your choice of marble from StoneSense, it will undergo shaping and polishing, then installation by our professional team. Prior to use, your marble countertops in Ottawa require an application of sealant to protect the glass-like surface.

During use, care should be taken to avoid dropping heavy objects on your counters, use cutting boards when working with knives and prevent marking by using trivets or pads under extremely hot items. While some care is required with marble, it is highly durable and daily maintenance is simple using diluted cleaner and a soft cloth.

Contact StoneSense for expert advice and installation on marble countertops in Ottawa.

Calacatta Gold

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